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We have gathered scientific research to guide you on the facts of climate change. Discover how it works and the consequences of Climate Change by selecting the options below. 

Podcasts & Videos

Watch a selection of the most useful explanatory videos on the science and mechanics behind different aspects of climate change. 


Review a chosen selection of impactful books that delve into various elements of climate change and its impact on our planet. 

News & Events

Find out key news and events related to climate change, biodiversity and infrastructure. It includes worldwide news and events. 


These electronic libraries offer links to over 500 free on-line articles and reports on the issues of climate change, infrastructure and the environment. 

About Us

We are an independent website addressing fact-based research and information on climate change. We see these issues as a three-sided interlocking puzzle that connects climate change, biodiversity and infrastructure.

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We would like to hear from you if you have suggestions for new research we could add, if you wish to contribute a news update or event, or you have any questions. We will not respond to aggressive or harmful messages. 


We are showcasing some amazing artwork on climate change by talented artists all over the world. Here is a selection of art we have collated. 

Climate Change Resources

Please also visit our partners at climatechangeresources.org. Their beautiful site is rich in inspiration and information, and operates at many different levels. Although US-oriented, it is packed with tips for practical action and suggestions for policy change.

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Environment & Social Development News Africa

We invite you also to visit the new blogging site of a couple of enthusiastic young South African environmentalist friends TeeKay Matewa and Chrisotpher Kirungi here at https://envirosocafrica.blogspot.com