In this section we share some of our favourite videos of the effects of certain events on other parts of the eco-system. Please contact us with your favourites. We have kept the videos short, but there is one exception…

Consequence of humans on the planet (1.26.27) by National Geographic

The rest are much shorter:

Consequence of bee decline on flowering plants and fruits (8.34) by DW Planet A

Consequence of cement for fossil fuel emissions (6.53) by Our Changing Climate

Consequence of dams on ecosystems (9.02) by Terra Mater

Consequence of dams on Mekong River (7.17) by DWNews

Consequence of deep-sea mining on alien ocean life forms (5.37) by Seeker

Consequence of fertiliser on rivers and reservoirs (3.47) by Atlas Pro

Consequence of fracking on ground water (2.30) by NationalSierraClub

Consequence of Gulf stream stoppage on survival of the planet (4.06) by What If

Consequence of ocean acidification on Antarctic organisms (6.20) NBCNews

Consequence of ocean warming on coral reefs (2.52) by National Geographic

Consequences of pesticides on birds (3.14) by Snoffle

Consequences of plastic pollution on Nile River (3.15) by Sky News

Consequence of (invasive) Seawalnut on Black-Sea fish (2.08) by James King