August 2022 was supposed to be the final session in a five-year effort to clinch a treaty that would control the exploitation of resources on the high seas, that cover 50% of the planet. This e-Library provide the official documentation and the (free) online resources from the past five-years to view the issues at stake.


Introducing Australia’s State of the Environment Report in July 2022. The environment minister described it as a ‘shocking document’ that told ‘a story of crisis and decline in Australia’s environment…’


The purpose of this eLibrary is to introduce the some of the recent evidence on the sources of methane emissions and the impact on global warming.


The purpose of this eLibrary is to introduce the divisive debate on the merits of nuclear power as an answer to conventional electricity power stations.


The purpose of this eLibrary is to introduce the some of the recent evidence on the growth of water-borne plastic pollution and its impact on biodiversity and the environment.


Introduce the some of the the discussions on the environmental impact of China’s One Belt, One Road (一带一路, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative)


Introduce the some of the evidence of the causes of desertification and its impact on the environment


Introduce some of the scientific approaches to the involvement of youth in organised protest for resolving climate change


Most of us engage in discussions on climate change on the basis of newspaper or magazine articles. This section provides direct links to the main international agreements and authoritative assessments on three interlinked policy issues in order to provide the opportunity to read the complete studies (or at least parts thereof). The three areas CLIMATE CHANGE, BIODIVERSITY, AND INFRASTRUCTURE


Scientific research and debate on a range of themes on the relationship between climate change, infrastructure and biodiversity along one of the world’s ecologically richest river systems – the Mekong